With the presence of so many "specialized programs and alternative diets," weight loss programs have become confusing and often times counterproductive. Our weight loss program equally utilizes all three cornerstones of fitness:  diet and nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular activity to ensure unmatched, long-term results. At the AFS Clinic, we apply proven science to every weight-loss program we design.  Science that is based on facts and that has been proven through experiments, real-life trial and error, as well as repeat success, evident in our clients' transformations.  At Ali's Fitness Solutions we focus on body fat loss while preserving lean muscle tissue, instead of focusing on the scale. We believe that weight loss has to be done right in order to maintain a high metabolism to sustain the fat loss for life instead of the "lose-gain" delima most people struggle with nowadays.

Our high intensity workouts are crafted to burn the maximum amount of calories in the quickest time possible to target fat cells and tone muscle tissue during each training session. From the everyday person wanting to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds or more; to the serious athlete looking to achieve contest conditioning, our individually tailored weight loss programs help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. We also teach you a better understanding of how your body works so you can best manage your weight long-term. Your weight loss regimen will be uniquely crafted around you and your body, and will adjust as your body composition changes.  We take the thinking out and allow our clients to do their part—work hard and work smart! Schedule your complimentary fitness assessment to start your weight loss program today! 



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