(Body Fat Loss: 50 lbs   Duration: 6 months)

(Body Fat Loss: 36 lbs  Muscle Gain: 7lbs  Duration: 4.5 months)

" To get the mobility I got now and to be able to stretch; to see my belt buckle again, is amazing!  I'm just absolutely amazed at the results! "
                                                             -Rick H.


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(Body Fat Loss: 49 lbs   Muscle Gain: 11 lbs   Duration: 6 months)

" This has been a total lifestyle change for me. I have even quit smoking after 42 years. Thank you AFS and thank you Sarah! "
                                                                      -Lisa M.

​" I've been able to go shopping and find clothes that are cute and fit; and that's the happiest part.  Thank you AFS for giving me the opportunity to transform myself and become a healthier me!"
                                                        -Brenda M.


(Body Fat Loss: 30 lbs  Muscle Gain: 6 lbs  Duration: 4 months)

" I have a history of back trouble.  With the weight I have lost, it has improved my back flexibility so it doesn't hurt as much as it used to....It has been an amazing transformation.  It's really about the results! "
                                                           -Derek P.

'' [My training] has given me the motivation and the accountability to accomplish things that I haven't been able to do on my own. ''

-Jeremy B.

(Body Fat Loss: 34 lbs   Muscle Gain: 3 lbs   Duration: 4 months)


" I'm at a weight that I've never been at before, and when I was even close to this weight before it was predominately fat, and now it's muscle....while eating twice as much. "
                                                                       -Hugh O.

" I can walk around and feel really, really great about myself and feel good about my accomplishments. Thank you AFS for giving me the confidence! "
                                                              -Mallory G.

​" Since I've started training I actually feel ten times better. I sleep better at night, I have a better attitude...and I just think that's awesome! "
                                                                -Linda S.


" So this has been about more honestly than just body fat loss and loss of pounds, it really has transformed my life in fantastic ways! "

                                                  -Jaime C.

(Body Fat Loss: 44 lbs   Muscle Gain: 7 lbs   Duration: 6 months)



" Honestly it's fun! When you get to the end of the workout, you're spent, but you know that you spent an hour really accomplishing something that's good for you...It's totally transformed me!​ "
                                                               -Jeff K.



(Body Fat Loss: 10 lbs  Muscle Gain: 21 lbs  Duration: 6 months)



" I feel better about me. And that's really important because how you feel about yourself shows in everything you do. Thank you AFS and thank you Ali.  It's been a trip, it's been a ride and it's been great!
                                                                 -Tina C.

" My initial goal was just to lose 10 or 15 pounds.  I surpassed that goal and now I'm setting new goals; one of which I'm hoping to run a Tough Mudder, and put on more muscle mass!​​ "
                                                        -Whitney B.

(Body Fat Loss: 60 lbs  Muscle Gain: 20 lbs  Duration: 6 months)

(Body Fat Loss: 61 lbs   Muscle Gain: 11 lbs   Duration: 7 months)

" It definitely increases your confidence. A lot of people obviously noticed when I dropped all the weight and that always makes you feel good! "

 -Mike M.


Transformation Videos



(Body Fat Loss: 24 lbs  Muscle Gain: 10 lbs  Duration: 3 months)

" I've lost 10 pounds of body fat and I'm up 21 pounds of muscle mass and I owe it all to AFS! "

                                                                    -Mark G.

Here are a few of our outstanding transformations at AFS Premier Fitness.  Watch the videos to hear their inspiring stories! Be sure to check out our Transformations Gallery to see more life changing transformations!


(Body Fat Loss: 60 lbs  Muscle Gain: 12 lbs  Duration: 6 months)


(Body Fat Loss: 6 lbs  Muscle Gain: 23 lbs  Duration: 6 months)

(Body Fat Loss: 55 lbs   Muscle Gain: 11 lbs  Duration: 6 months)


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(Body Fat Loss: 50 lbs  Muscle Gain: 9 lbs   Duration: 3 months)

" Ali knows how to challenge me and motivate me, but he also cares as much as I do about me getting in shape! "
                                                              -David W.

Changing lives one transformation at a time™


(Body Fat Loss: 21 lbs  Muscle Gain: 11 lbs  Duration: 5 months)

(Body Fat Loss: 55 lbs  Muscle Gain: 2 lbs  Duration: 8 months)

" The real difference is the nutrition...This is all about eating right and doing the work. And if you do those two things and stay with it, you get great results."
                                                    -Scooter S.