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Injury Rehab

Serious injuries often leave us immobile and can keep us from activities we enjoy, months or even years after those injuries have healed.   But regaining mobility and full function again does not have to be painful!  With the right combination of strength training, stretching, and mobility-stimulating exercises, the team at Ali’s Fitness Solutions can help restore, and even improve range of motion, flexibility, strength and functionality to your body.

Ali’s Fitness Solutions has a team of experts specializing in weight loss, muscle building and toning, nutritional counseling, strength and conditioning, sports performance, injury rehab, contest prep and more.  Our program is inclusive of all three components of fitness:  nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, as we firmly believe that you must master all three aspects in order to achieve optimal results.

With the presence of so many alternative diets, weight loss programs have become confusing and often times counterproductive.  At AFS we apply proven science.  Science based on facts that have been proven through experiments, real-life trial and error, as well as repeat success that is evident in our clients' transformations. We teach you a better understanding of how your body works so you can best manage your weight long-term.  Your weight loss regimen will be based on your body and will adjust as your body changes. We take the thinking out and allow our clients to do their part—work hard and work smart!

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  But what is a healthy weight anyway?  Looking at a scale can’t tell you, but looking at your body composition can.  The way in which your body carries muscle tone as well as body fat has a lot to do with how much you will weigh on the scale.  At AFS we look beyond what the scale reads. We look at your muscle tone and body fat percentage, and  interpret those numbers into your body composition.  Doing so allows us to set goals that include both a healthy weight as well as an ideal body composition for you. MORE LEAN TISSUE, LESS BODY FAT!

Physical fitness is about more than just losing weight.  Backed by science and extensive research, Ali’s Fitness Solutions uses a six-point circumference measurement system designed to target specific areas of the body to determine optimal goals that reach beyond numbers on the scale. This approach surpasses computer-generated numbers and considers problematic areas and addresses specific concerns you have when looking in the mirror, or when considering your overall health; targeting each body part individually.  To learn more and to find out what your optimal measurements are, contact us to request your complimentary fitness assessment.

Body Composition Enhancement

Every workout at AFS is designed with the same goal in mind—to help you become leaner, stronger and faster.  This requires a combination of static resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, body-weight strength training and plyometric drills.  Combining all these various exercise techniques throughout the course of your training program maximizes your overall strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and full-body conditioning to ensure that when pushed to its limit, your body can endure the challenge and that your strength matches your appearance. AFS works with people of all fitness levels ranging from beginners to professional athletes.

Ali's Fitness Solutions offers contest prep services for bodybuilding, physique, classic physique, figure and bikini athletes.  AFS has a referral program to posing clinics as well.  To inquire about contest prep packages please contact us directly to discuss program details.

Weight Loss

Looking and feeling your fittest requires gaining lean muscle tissue along with fat loss.  Muscle tone is not only essential to looking better, but to enhancing strength and performance, boosting metabolism and increasing the resting metabolic rate, improving posture, alleviating joint ache and much more.  All AFS trainers are athletes and have first-hand experience in building muscle and can help you gain muscle efficiently and proportionately.  We educate our clients alongside coaching to help you better understand your muscular system and the unique role of each muscle group. It is important to understand the difference between muscle building and muscle toning, and to find the right balance of both for you.  The more lean muscle tissue a person has, the more fat they burn at rest. 

Contest Prep

All our Pro and Elite Pro trainers are certified sports nutritionists. How you fuel your body throughout the day and for your workouts is just as important as your workouts themselves, if not more.  Every meal plan created by AFS is meticulously tailored to each individual's metabolism, resting metabolic rate, body type/composition and will directly serve your goals.  Your meal plan will have longevity, allowing you to maintain your results for a lifetime. Our nutritional counseling will educate you and help you develop a more complete understanding of nutrition to help you continue the habits and discipline necessary to make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a diet. 


Six-point Circumference Correction