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Sarah Villegas (IFBB Pro)

Fitness Trainer Pro/Sports Nutritionist

Direct: (469) 226-6641

More About Sarah

My love for health and fitness started at a young age when I participated in a variety of competitive sports from basketball and track & field, to gymnastics and dance.  My love for sports developed into a true passion for fitness in college after I was exposed to courses that taught me the intricate details of how the human body functions. Shortly after college I started my career as a personal trainer and soon after became a fitness trainer pro after completing a 4- year internship program at AFS Premier Fitness. Along with being a personal trainer, I'm also a certified sports nutritionist and the current personal training director at AFS Premier Fitness. My fitness specialties are weight loss, nutrition, muscle toning and building and strength and conditioning.  I have achieved many transformations and I look forward to continuing to change the world one body at a time. There is nothing more fulfilling than educating others about their bodies and being an active, intentional tool in another person’s journey to an improved version of themselves! 

I have worked with individuals all with different goals and with varying fitness abilities, but all wanting the same thing—to become healthier, stronger, and feel and look better.  I am proud to have coached so many people who were willing to go the extra lengths I pushed them through, and who taught me more about this industry and the human body that goes beyond what I learned in the classroom.  In addition, my personal experience as a professional  physique competitor has equipped me with the superior tools and knowledge to help others lose body fat, build muscle and eat better as they work to reach their personal best.  My passion for health and fitness has a top priority in my personal life as well.  I am a professional women's physique athlete; I earned my IFBB Pro status at NPC Universe Championships.I recently earned my qualification to the world championships, Miss Olympia 2018, after placing 1st at the IFBB Chicago Pro, and am one step away from achieving my lifelong goal of being the Women's Physique World Champion.   I am very proud of my work, both my personal achievements and those of my clients, and would love to help you become the leaner, stronger, faster version of yourself!