Ali began his career in the fitness industry shortly after graduating college as a certified fitness trainer. His career excelled and he advanced to a Regional Fitness Director position for one of the largest US based fitness corporations who employed more than 5,000 trainers where he passed on his knowledge and developed personal trainers. His expertise in the fitness industry propelled him to consulting for fitness organizations throughout the nation.  He now operates his own personal training and sports nutrition clinic, Ali’s Fitness Solutions (The AFS Clinic), and presents health and nutrition seminars across the U.S. and abroad.  Learn more about Ali!

Meet the Team

Our highly-qualified trainers not only have the education and training that exceeds industry standards, but lead by example and live the lifestyle they teach.  We take the time to learn about you as a person so we can create an efficient and productive training methodology for you.  Our team is large enough to stay abreast with, and implement the latest and most advanced scientifically-proven techniques, yet small enough to ensure you receive the utmost personal attention and training relevant to your goals.  All our trainers are active fitness competitors who utilize the applied science through their personal experience with fitness as a superior tool to help transform lives.  All AFS Pro and Elite Pro level trainers must maintain a sports nutrition degree/certification as well.

Shelton Beirde

​Fitness Trainer​

Shelton’s career in the fitness industry started 5 years ago as a personal trainer.  He now holds multiple personal training certifications, including an AFS personal training certification and is a competitive bodybuilder.  Shelton uses his personal experience as a bodybuilder to help him better serve individuals of all fitness levels.  Learn more about Shelton!

Sarah Villegas (IFBB Pro)

​Fitness Trainer Pro & Sports Nutritionist​

Ali Taktak (Mr. Texas 2017-2018)

Fitness Trainer Elite Pro & Sports Nutritionist​​​​

Sarah's fitness career started as a personal trainer shortly after graduating college.  She became an AFS Fitness Trainer Pro after completing a four-year curriculum with AFS. Sarah earned her IFBB Pro status at NPC Universe Championships, is a certified sports nutritionist and is the current Personal Training Director at Ali's Fitness Solutions.  Learn more about Sarah!

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