Muscle building and toning has benefits that go beyond looking good.  Lean muscle tissue is important for a healthy metabolism, overall strength and functionality, improved performance, fat loss and weight maintenance, and of course, physical appearance and confidence. At AFS Premier Fitness we utilize our in-house six-point circumference measurement system  along with the InBody 570 muscle tracking device to determine your overall body composition, the amount of muscle in your body and the distribution of that muscle so we can be intentional about gaining muscle in the right areas of your body, thus achieving an aesthetic look.  Whether your goals are to tone up or to pack on a serious amount of muscle mass, AFS is the place to be! All of our trainers are fitness and bodybuilding competitors which gives them the exclusive and unparalleled knowledge of how to build muscle properly and proportionately in record time. We utilize multiple lifting techniques that range from high repetition exercises for toning muscle, to heavy lifting designed to enlarge and expand your muscle tissue. 

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We deploy our exclusive AFS  six-point circumference correction  system to help you achieve your goal with a balanced and aesthetic physique. Through our program, we assess your entire body, identify both lagging and dominant body parts, and work each muscle group to best compliment your  entire physique. To learn more about muscle building/toning contact us to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment.