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Serious injuries often leave us immobile and can keep us from activities we enjoy, months or even years after those injuries have seemingly healed.  After an injury or operation, rest is needed for complete healing to take place.  But too much rest and lack of movement can be damaging and counterproductive to resuming normal activity without pain or increased risk of new injury.  The AFS Clinic works with individuals recovering from injuries and are looking to get back to their normal selves in as little time possible.  We also work with those who struggle with residual aches and pains from former injuries in years past or have mild discomforts that, over time, developed into life-altering limitations.   

However, regaining mobility and full function again is not impossible and does not have to be painful!  With the right combination of strength training, stretching, and mobility-stimulating exercises, The AFS Clinic can help restore, and even improve range of motion, flexibility, strength and functionality to your body. Contact us to learn more about our injury rehab program.