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For more than 15 years, I have changed thousands of  lives and achieved incredible transformations . My career as a bodybuilder enriches the skills, training and the education I have gained during my 15 years in the fitness industry. During the process of my contest preparation, I am able to reduce my body fat to single-digit percentage points and increase my muscle mass while maintaining and perfecting an aesthetic shape; thus, giving me the paramount, exclusive knowledge needed to help others at any and every fitness level. The rarity and value of this unique, first-hand experience is evident in my clients' transformations  and their astounding success stories! I have a strong passion for fitness and I utilize that passion to change lives for the better.


Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist Ali Taktak
 Ali's Fitness Solutions
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My fitness journey began as a college student who was fascinated by muscle and the human body.  Shortly after graduating college, I started my job as a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, and my passion of competing as a bodybuilder began.  My bodybuilding career progressed, and I advanced to a national-level competitor and was awarded the prestigious  Mr. Texas title twice, most recently in 2017 after winning the overall at the Texas State Championships. My career as a fitness professional evolved beyond being a personal trainer. After gaining years of experience, I advanced to a regional corporate coach  position for one of the largest US-based fitness corporations who employed more than 2000 personal trainers  where I coached, developed and certified personal trainers. In 2007 I established my own Personal Training & Sports Nutrition Clinic, Ali's Fitness Solutions (The AFS Clinic) where I continued to do what I love doing most, CHANGING LIVES! I later began  presenting health and nutrition seminars across the U.S. and abroad, making a difference on larger scale.

Throughout my 15 years as a personal trainer, I experienced the great satisfaction that comes with helping others change their lives. I have achieved thousands of transformations with a wide variety of outstanding clients, and have learned how to overcome challenges standing in the way of success. I am very blessed for having the opportunity  to make a lasting impact on the lives of so many people.

Mr. Texas, Ali Taktak
Founder / PT Elite Pro & Sports Nutririonist

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