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Dallas top Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist Ali Taktak

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AFS Premier Fitness is a personal training and sports nutrition clinic located in Dallas, Texas. AFS was founded in 2007 by two-time Mr. Texas, Ali Taktak, 15-year fitness expert and sports nutritionist to help individuals across the US achieve their fitness goals. Whether your goals involve losing weight, building muscle, or improving your endurance, AFS Premier Fitness has the unparalleled knowledge and applied experience to help you identify and reach your goals quicker, safer and more efficiently. We are large enough to stay abreast with and implement the latest and most advanced scientifically-proven techniques, yet we are intentional about keeping our team small enough to ensure you receive the utmost personal attention and relevant quality training for your goals.​​​


Sarah Villegas (IFBB Pro Olympian)

​Fitness Trainer Pro & Sports Nutritionist

Shelton Beirde

Certified Fitness Trainer 

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Ali Taktak (Mr. Texas 2017 - 18)

Fitness Trainer Elite Pro & Sports Nutritionist​​

​​​AFS Premier Fitness  is an all-inclusive fitness clinic that combines personal training, diet & nutrition, and body composition screening & measurement tracking Specializing in: Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Muscle Toning and Building , Six-point circumference correction, Diet and Nutrition, Injury Rehab and Contest Prep services. Watch our video to learn more!

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